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by Susan Pa’iniu Floyd

If you've ever flown in an airplane, you may remember the advice to put on you own oxygen mask before putting on your child's. They say this because if we don't take care of ourselves first, we are less able to assist others.

This seems obvious, and yet in living our lives, do we practice it? How often do we put aside our own needs and desires, even dreams, to help others? Too often, I suspect. At least I'm beginning to see the benefits of changing this pattern in my life. Compromise can help relationships flourish; giving for the joy of giving brings the same back. The universe is a reflection. And yet what about also giving to ourselves: giving appreciation and taking time, a very precious gift, for ourselves.

Arriving back on Kaua`i after 3 months in Europe, I woke up early the next day to the first rays of sunlight, gentle breezes and the joyful singing of birds in the nearby trees. All else was still quiet - the phones, the cars. I liked it so much I decided to change my sleep habits (radical for me) and to wake up early even after the time difference stopped influencing me. I also decided that I wanted to feel as good every day as I did right then: lots of alertness, energy, a zest for life. The question was how to create this state every day?

The answer seemed to come just as easily as waking up that first day. I always feel much better during my classes. So why not bring as much of that routine in to this life as possible? "Why not", I asked myself intently? I've been teaching for years. I know this stuff (chanting, meditation, movement, inner journeys) is good, but I would always have excuses for not incorporating them into my life. Besides, I felt good enough.

Well, thank Spirit for the inspiration to feel better than good enough. That morning and each one that followed, I chanted E ALA E (wake up) to the sun (and myself), did Kalana Hula (a tai chi-like moving meditation in which one focuses on the elements of nature while moving slowly) and self massage. For 1-2 hours I was attentive to me. If the phone rang, I ignored it. And the guilt of ignoring it, I changed. I knew I would be much more excited to speak to the caller after I was finished, so we would all benefit. By 8:00 am I was not only ready, I was joyful for the day! I am amazed at how good I feel. Here in my home, doing my regular life, everything is easier. I feel light and awake! I need much less sleep, a big surprise to me since I love to sleep, and I keep feeling better and better. Even a late night at the computer (until 5:30am) didn't have an adverse effect on my desire to wake up early, (7:30am) or to do my new routine or to feel great all day!

By the way, the only routine thing about my morning routine is my attentiveness to me. I change the melody to the chant and the kalana hula all the time, I change where I face, I don't have an alarm clock so the time varies a little, and as everyone that does the self massage with me knows, there is no routine to it. Feeling good is my motivation, releasing tension is what happens, my body guides me how, and the result is energy, free flowing energy. When energy's movement in the body is unrestricted, health happens.

Susan Pa'iniu Floyd is an Alakai of Huna International and the Managing Director of Aloha International. She trains practitioners of Hawaiian massage and teachers of Huna, and teaches classes and courses on Huna, Hawaiian Massage, Hawaiian Shamanism and Hula throughout the world, especially in Europe. Check the Activity Hut for her schedule and contact her by the information given below.

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