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by Susan Pa’iniu Floyd

Once upon a time eleven years ago, I asked the man who taught me the single most simple, powerful and logical system for viewing reality, if there was anything I could do to help him spread this knowledge, to make it available to anyone who wanted to learn it. Of course, what I had in mind was to help behind the scenes. This was my way. (I was an accountant. A useful trade and yet unseen. I loved the theatre, was married once to a producer/director, but I always helped in the box office or back stage.)

I guess there was divine wisdom in Serge's answer. He already had an accountant, what he really needed were teachers. Even then, I knew if I expressed my fears I would give power to them, so I said I would think about it. I did. That began a process of self reflection that led me to where I am today. Happy to be sharing all that really matters to me, all the experiences, ideas, techniques and practices that make a difference in my life.

If I am blessed to discover something useful, I want to share it, and if anyone else is interested, I will. It has always been Aloha International's policy to encourage everyone to teach whatever we have learned. No need to wait until we've learned it all. When will that ever be? We're always learning. Serge says, "If you have learned a day's worth of knowledge, teach a day's worth". Now I am being asked the same thing I asked Serge, how can I help? My answer is the same. We need, the world needs, teachers.

Even as I encourage teachers to let go of fears and trust the source within, I remember a time not too long ago when I got the results of those prayers and didn't see it. I found myself feeling hurt when students, who became my sponsors as well as friends, blossomed into very good teachers and wanted to take a break from sponsoring me to focus on their own teaching. They were doing exactly what I would hope for and yet, at first, I could only see my loss. With increasing awareness, I realized it was like watching children grow up. You give them your best, then you must let go. This lesson was very important, because I didn't know a part of me was fearful. Now that I've re-taught that part of me, I know I mean it when I say, teach, everyone!

All kinds of teachers are needed. Formal workshop trainers, informal meeting leaders, healers and counselers who empower and people, who, by living Huna, are setting examples. Don't be afraid to start small. Everyone and everything began as a seed, first mental, then physical. And every seed, with nurturing grows. Nurture with Aloha, the water of life, and watch the magic unfold.

Every where I travel lately I am reminded how many pockets of Huna lights already exist in the world. Many friends are inspiring others in their families, in their communities, and in their businesses; sharing what works for them, sharing Huna. Even as I accept the responsibility of managing Aloha International, I know I could retire tomorrow confident that humanity has many effective, loving teachers.

More and more of our Huna teachers are deciding to arrange their lives so they can travel away from home to teach. (Teachers, if this applies to you, please let us know.) For anyone living in an area without Huna teachers who wants to sponsor one, please contact us for the list of traveling teachers.

Susan Pa'iniu Floyd is an Alakai of Huna International and the Managing Director of Aloha International. She trains practitioners of Hawaiian massage and teachers of Huna, and teaches classes and courses on Huna, Hawaiian Massage, Hawaiian Shamanism and Hula throughout the world, especially in Europe. Check the Activity Hut for her schedule and contact her by the information given below.

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