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by Serge Kahili King

“The Force” is a modern term for a very ancient concept of matter and energy used by Spiritual Masters of all ages, under many different names. It is based on the idea that the whole of the universe is filled with a subtle form of matter, sometimes called the “ether,” or what we would call aka, that penetrates and therefore connects everything. Thoughts, actions and events set off energetic vibrations through the ether that affect everything, everywhere to some degree. What powers these vibrations is what we call mana, regardless of the source of the power, and the vibrating ether is what we call “The Force.”

While most people are only aware of the range of vibrations that manifest as ordinary sense impressions, it is possible to train ourselves to increase our awareness and sensitivity so as to expand our ability to use The Force in practical ways.

Like light, The Force can be focused on or in a particular area; like magnetism, it can be used to attract or repel; like electricity, it can be caused to flow in a particular direction, and like radio waves, it can be used to carry information. There are numerous aspects and uses of The Force that could take a full lifetime to master. However, there is one practical way that you can begin to use it without any training. This is known as the technique of “Breathing Light.” With regular use, this technique has the effect of expanding awareness, improving health, strengthening the body, calming the emotions, releasing tension, and increasing charisma and confidence.

To begin with, make yourself comfortable, consciously relax your muscles, and close your eyes (later you will be able to do this with your eyes open under any conditions). Now imagine the existence of The Force all around you, in the objects of your environment, in the air, a literal sea of energy in which you live and move. If you can, imagine it as an almost invisible golden light, filled with tiny sparkles. With a deep breath, imagine you are drawing an abundance of this light into your lungs. Hold the breath for a moment, then imagine the light flowing into your aura—or aka field— with a purpose as you exhale. As I mentioned above, The Force already exists all around you, but now you are using your imagination to fill that space with an intention, of Love, Power, Goodness, Peace or whatever you choose to help make the world a better place.

Breath normally for a few moments as you experience whatever effects seem to take place in as big a space as you can imagine. Repeat this exercise at least three times before going about your business. The more often you do it, the greater the effects and the stronger The Force will be in you. Eventually, you will be able to do this with every conscious breath you take.

The Force is with you now. Conscious awareness and cultivation of it will greatly magnify your ability to use it and direct it for the good of yourself and others.

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