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The Right/Left Split
by Serge Kahili King

from Imagineering For Health

This is a division in the human body that obviously exists, but one whose meaning as regards illness is still speculative. This is the so-called right/left, or vertical, split of the body. In terms of appearance, it means that the right side of your body often looks different from your left side. Sometimes there is a difference in muscular development of the arms or the legs, which may or may not be due to tension, and sometimes one breast is larger than the other.

The clearest difference, however, is in the face. You can check this out for yourself by placing the edge of a mirror on the middle of someone’s face in a frontal photograph. Adjust the mirror so that half the face is reflected in it to look like a full face. Then turn the mirror around to do the same with the other side. The difference may startle you, because it might look like two entirely different people.What you are seeing is the reflection of two aspects of the person’s personality.

It is likely that this difference has something to do with the fact that the left side of your brain, which scientists have found to be associated with analytical and verbal skills, more or less controls the right side of your body; and the right side of your brain, associated with artistic and integrating skills, has a greater influence on the left side of your body. In practical terms, though, you could say the right side of your body is more “masculine-oriented,” and the left side of your body is more “feminine-oriented,” using these words to mean general qualities, not sex differences.

I think this split is part is part of our natural heritage, due partly to the way our brain works and partly to the fact that we have an equal share of chromosomes from male and female parents. In any case, there is some data indicating that our illnesses tend to “take sides.”

According to this idea, illnesses or physical conditions on the right side tend to be involved with male relationships, including the father, while conditions on the left side tend to be involved with female relationships, including the mother. It’s an interesting idea, but I emphasize that it is still pretty much speculation. Nevertheless, it may be worth taking into consideration when seeking the source of your ideas behind illness.

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