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A Millenium Message
by Serge Kahili King

The New Millenium is upon us. In one sense it is only an arbitrary marker of the passage of time that is peculiar to a small segment of humanity. In another sense, however, it is a symbolic transition into an era of sweeping change, because the small segment of humanity that uses this marker has a global influence vastly greater than its numbers would indicate. The subconscious minds of billions of people are getting ready for something new.

The energy of those expectations is like a wave that we can ride into directions of our own choosing. Some of those who will be reading this have chosen a direction that leads toward a greater expression of love for the whole planet. It is to you especially that the rest of this message is dedicated.

If you have made a commitment to spread the spirit of aloha, then this is a time in which that commitment will be tested. It is the beginning of a new phase of a cycle far older than this present age we are in, the fulfillment of an ancient promise.

Each of you also has a vital role to play in the success of this great project. In order for you to play your role most fully it will require an expansion of your sense of self outward to include the world as a whole. It is not enough to be a citizen or member of particular race or nationality. You are that, and such things will continue to be important for awhile, but to be most effective and helpful you must be representative of Earth. Think frequently of the Earth as a whole, including the whole range of life that it holds. Expand your sense of self and what you represent, and think in terms of expanding the numbers of people who are participating, and keep the focus on Aloha. It is Aloha that you are spreading, that you are teaching. When you are using the mind, or working with healing, or working with energy, or playing, dancing, singing, caring for the Earth in whatever way, it is the spirit of Aloha that you carry. And when you think of developing yourselves - highly important it is to do that - remember also why. It is so you can be more effective at spreading the spirit, and increasing the feeling and experience of love in the world and for the world.

It is important that you develop among all of yourselves a deep, deep friendship. That you put aside prejudices, expectations of each other, dislike of certain means of expression, differences of attitude, and join together in the purpose for which you have made your commitment. If love is not able to blossom among you, you will not have the ability to influence the world to the extent that you desire. And then in your individual work with the people you are with, the purpose is always to become more loving. The purpose is not to become healthy. The purpose is not to become wealthy. The purpose is not simply to have better relationships, to get along. The purpose is not spiritual development. All of those things will, and can, and ought to occur, and can be helped along with your knowledge. But the purpose is love. The purpose of health is to love more, to be able to love more, to learn more about love for one's own body as well as for ones around you. The purpose of prosperity is to be able to love more abundantly. The purpose of getting along with one another is to increase the vibrations of love in the world. Let there be the spirit of Aloha in all that you do, and all you wish will be accomplished. Simple, but not easy.

The spirit of Aloha is the power of love. The experience of it and the ability of it to enhance life. Love as a process is the bringing together of things, is the increasing recognition of oneness, of connection, while at the same time experiencing yourself and your selves. The challenge is to create an attitude of passion. Passion and conviction and confidence. To increase love in the world - nothing is more worthy or admirable. And nothing so directly reaches the hearts and minds of people, stirs them, moves them in the direction of love and oneness as music, song and dance. Nothing so naturally connects humanity to Nature. It is in these areas of spreading music, song and dance, and in the connection, protection and caretaking of people and Nature that the strength of your potential lies. For what you reach, what you stimulate in doing this is the appreciation of and participation in beauty. An appreciation of beauty is, if you like, a twin sister to love. Such an ideal, to have people around the world increasing love and beauty.

But you must desire this with a passion. Of course it is vital that you have the wealth to act, but the challenge is to reach that level of energy that automatically begins to attract the means to accomplish the purpose. You must increase your desire for the purpose, and increase your desire to reach that level. Have it constantly in your mind, not to the exclusion of other things, but never out of your mind, in the midst of other things. Open up your feelings, build your emotion, let that power source run freely in you. For you do not just attract money when you emote. Wealth does not come prancing along by itself. What you attract is people. The largest clue to the accomplishment of your purpose is this: program yourself, and the event will occur. Attempts to make the event happen when you yourself have not changed sufficiently will only bring near equivalents. Decide what qualities are required, and build those qualities in yourself.

The spirit of Aloha at the physical level of "ike papakahi" ranges from a smile to a warm handshake, to a hug, to a caress, to a massage done full of caring, to hands on healing because you care, to making love together with and for each other. The spirit of Aloha is petting a dog, scratching a cat, gently placing a seedling in the ground and making sure it has the right nourishment. It is helping a child to walk on its own. The spirit of Aloha at a physical level is appreciating a sunset, or a wave, and blessing the flowers. And it is working hard with an attitude of play, keeping in mind the loving purpose of your work.

At what we call the second level, "ike papalua," it is a thought sent to one you care about, a prayer. Love at this level is telling a mountain how beautiful it is, speaking to a dolphin, singing to the stars, listening to the voice of a tree. It is using the "la'a kea" to build and send out thoughtforms that represent the way you want the world to be, so that others may notice them at second level and reinforce them in their own way.

At third level, "ike papakolu," the spirit of Aloha is recognizing love in everything you see around you, in everything that happens within you, of seeing and experiencing everything as a symbol of love. It is recognizing the assimilation of food by your body as a symbol of receiving love, is the realization that even the processing of toxic waste, that is called so toxic by you, and yet is given to the world from your body, is nourishing to other aspects of the Earth. That receiving and giving out again is a symbol of love. It is knowing that seeing, receiving the light from the stars is an act of love, and that giving them recognition as being beautiful is the completion of that act. Seeing the relationship between the sea and the shore, between the air and the ground, between the water and the channel it runs through, even between two people who are arguing. You can see how they support, sustain, and in a larger sense, play, with each other. At third level you are seeing, recognizing, experiencing the spirit of love symbolized in everything.

At "Ike papaha," the spirit of Aloha is knowing that you and the world are identical, that you and the universe are one. It does not work through you, but is you, that you are love.

Love then is an enjoyable relationship, and the more pleasureable it is, at all levels, the stronger the love. There is the pure sensory pleasure of first level; the moving, joyful, emotional pleasure of second level; the mental, intellectual pleasure of third level, that you get, for example when you solve a problem or recognize a pattern; the bliss of fourth level, as you experience the oneness which is the experience of your whole being coming together. In all of love then, there is this aspect of coming together. That is the spirit of Aloha.

Carrying it out then is doing that which helps to being people closer together, helps to bring people closer to Nature, to the Earth.

And that is the end of my story. Malu ame Aloha.

Copyright by Aloha International 2001

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