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Linear Healing Energy
by Serge Kahili King

All frequencies are energy patterns, and frequencies of one rate will tend to induce a resonance--will have an energetic influence--on frequencies of a similar rate. One way to get this effect is to use a linear measurement of wavelength. A friend of mine familiar with radios told me that in order to pick up a radio frequency with a wavelength of twenty-seven feet he needed an antenna twenty-seven feet long. The antenna could be coiled, but it had to be the right length in order to pick up the radio signal.

A number of years ago I was introduced to something called a "cubit wand." This was a wooden rod 25 inches long and about 1 inch thick. That particular length was based on a theory that the ancient Egyptians used something called a "pyramid inch" as a basic measurement for building the Great Pyramid, and that somehow this rod was attuned to it's energy.

Since I was deeply into subtle energy research at the time, I bought one of the rods to test it out. To my great surprise it actually emitted a strong beam of subtle energy from both ends, identical to the energy emitted by crystals and orgone devices based on the work of Wilhelm Reich. Furthermore, it had a strong field surrounding it. Naturally, this reminded me of how a current of electricity going through a wire produces a magnetic field around the wire at the same time.

When I say a "strong beam" and a "strong field" I am referring to the strength of the physical sensations that could be felt by placing my palm close to the ends of the wand and close to the shaft. I also got strong sensations on my forehead when I used that instead of a palm. In short, the sensations were the same as those I felt from crystals, orgone devices and model pyramids. I go into great depth about how this subtle energy can be used for practical benefit in my book, Earth Energies.

But why was 25 inches so important, and what was the source of the energy? So I began to experiment.

First I dealt with the length. How critical was the 25 inches? I decided that the best way to judge that was to cut the wand in half, which I did. Again, to my surprise, all the energy effects disappeared. All I held in my hand were two pieces of dead wood twelve and a half inches long. This bothered me a lot, so I bought another wand and it had the same properties as the original one. Now that I had more to play with I cut, and cut, and cut and finally discovered that a five inch length produced all the effects of the 25 inch length, but five and a half or four and a half lengths had no energy at all. However, any multiple of five was just as good as 25.

Next I experimented with materials, which gave me another surprise. No matter what material I used--wood, plastic, metal, glass, etc.--it had the same properties as the original "cubit wand" as long as its length was some multiple of five inches. Also, it didn't matter whether the object was solid or hollow. In addition, it had nothing to do with any possible mystical attributes of the number five. I tried five centimeters and got no effects, but 12.7 centimeters--the metric equivalent of five inches--gave me the same effect as five inches. Whatever was going on, it was as objective in nature as crystalline structure or orgone capacitance.

So what could be done with it?

One of the early things I tried was simply holding the wand in both hands while I meditated. That gave me the same effect as holding two crystals, sitting on a one-layer orgone plate or sitting in a pyramid. Namely, a sense of deep relaxation and a feeling of energy flowing through my body. Then I got the idea of making a fifty-inch hiking stick.

An opportunity to test it came when a friend, my wife and I decided to hike the Kalalau Trail on Kauai. I asked them if they would like to try a hiking stick like mine, but they both laughed at me. Hiking sticks were for old people.

The day for hiking came and we set off from the Ke'e Beach area. Two incidents made it clear how useful my particular hiking stick could be. The first incident was when we three were hiking along and I turned to say something to my wife and she wasn't there. Both she and my friend were about fifty yards behind me and I had not been aware of moving any faster than usual. The second incident came when we were on our way back, hiking up a fairly steep incline. Again I was ahead, but the main thing was as a small group of people passed me going the other way, I heard one of them say, "Wow! Look at that guy go!" And I was not aware of doing anything special. I was aware, after the hike, that I felt refreshed and my companions both felt tired. They do use "energy staves" now, though.

In general, when you use such a wand, rod or staff, depending on your sensitivity, you will tend to get more relaxed when you are tense, and more energized if you are relaxed. As you continue to hold it you may feel tingling in your hands or body, your mind will become clearer and your imagination sharper. If you were to test yourself, you would also find your physical strength and endurance increased. On another level, your aura will intensify, and there will be an increase in the power of your thoughts and charisma. There may be a clue here to the original use of magic wands and military batons.

Here are some specific uses.

A friend of mine who did a regular five-mile run slipped a five-inch piece of plastic into her sports bra and wound up beating her own time record without any apparent extra effort.

If one hiking stick is good, two ought to be better, right? Yes, in fact, because walking, standing or lying down between two linear energy staves give you the amplification benefit of two intersecting fields.

To take that further, you can put three energy staves on the floor or the ground in the form of a triangle and get a very good effect when standing or sitting within in it. The staves do not have to be touching, because you are taking advantage of the field effect, not the flow effect. In fact, you can mellow your coffee or tea and age your young wine by putting the glass or cup inside a triangle of five-inch wands for about one minute.

A five-inch wand on its own makes a very good healing tool. All you have to do is wave one end over a wound or sore spot to help relieve the pain and speed up the healing. One minute or longer, depending on how tired you get of waving, does work well.

Many more things are possible, so feel free to experiment youself, using the qualities of crystals and other energy tools for inspirations.

As for my question about the source of the energy, it's still a mystery, but I have some theories (or at least hypotheses). I began with mention of a radio antenna. It seems to me that this linear effect might be a bit like that, only it's picking up something in the microwave range, the most popular range for communication and cooking. I don't think it's related to any man-made signal, though, because it seems to be available everywhere at any time. My favorite speculation is that it is tuning into some part of the Cosmic Microwave Background which some think is left over from the Big Bang. Whether you believe in the Big Bang or not, the CMB is still there.

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