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by Serge Kahili King

There is no such thing as “healing energy” as a special type of energy that heals by it’s very nature. Energy is simply movement, and everything moves. Another way to put it is that everything is in a “dynamic state,” a cycle of tension/release/relaxation that keeps moving like a never-ending wave.

“Static” energy is not motionless. It is a wave that keeps building to a high crest until it has to release, like the final spark in a static electric charge, or a sudden release of long-term tension in a human, or the very, very long-term tension in a mountain. It may come as a surprise to many of you that the uppermost part of Mount Everest is made of gray limestone, deposited there when it was under water 470 million years ago. Now that’s a slow wave.

So energy is movement, but obviously, everything doesn’t move in the same exact way. Rock moves in very slow waves, water moves in faster waves, wind moves in even faster waves, and human bodies move in a combination of rock, water and wind waves, plus the more invisible waves of feeling and thought. Of course, there are many other kinds of waves with different frequency (wave) patterns that take the form of things like food and vitamins, and chemicals and auras. Yes, auras. What does this have to do with healing? First we have to be clear about what we mean by health. The best definition I’ve ever found is in the Hawaiian language. The word is ola.

Here are the definitions of that apparently simple word: “life, health, well-being, living, livelihood, means of support, salvation, alive, living, curable, spared, recovered, healed, to live; to spare, heal, save, grant life, survive, thrive.” The concept of movement is evident. The general word for a healer is ho’öla, basically meaning “to make all those things happen.”

Healing, then, is using movement to produce more movement in a beneficial way. What moves? Energy. What form does energy take? Waves. Then healing is using waves to move waves in good ways. It has nothing to do with putting a special kind of energy into someone. When you “send” or “give” energy to help someone you are sending a wave that moves waves already existing in that person. Mental, emotional or physical techniques assist the release of static tension in the mind, the emotions and the body of the healee, and stimulate the energetic movement (change) in the state of the mind, emotions and body of that person. A few clear examples of powerful healing techniques that do not require “healing energy” to go into a person are The Dynamind Technique, Think-Feel-Relax, The Repetition Technique, Healing Shapes and Symbol Healing. Browse the Article Library at for information on them.

You don’t have to learn a specific technique to be a healer, though. The most simple and easy way to assist a person’s healing is to give that person a silent compliment. Just think it, and a compliment wave will go by way of your aura to stimulate movement in the other person’s aura, mind and body. A verbal compliment is often rejected by the analytical Lono, but a silent compliment is almost always accepted by the pleasure-loving Ku.

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