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by Serge Kahili King

Recently, I’ve been going through old logbooks where I recorded ideas and I decided that some were interesting enough to share, so here are a few from 1981.

  1. One secret of Huna is telepathy, the ability to reach out with your thoughts and make contact or influence by the use of directed attention () and emotion (hu). Una-, as in ho’ouna = to send, transmit, send on an errand, command, put to work, to mail; to send spirits (akua=thought, image [aka+ua=completed image] on an errand. (hoa una = one who accompanies a messenger). Ancient Hawaiian had a 4-base mathematical system and the importance telepathy is signified in alternate names for the number four (kauna), forty (a’au [au=movement, train of thought, current, to swim, to jut out], lau=to spread out, plus the word launa having to do with communication). Four thousand (mano=to aim at and hit) & Forty thousand (kini=many, numerous, to send in undulations) have some kind of connection, even though “thousand” as a number was introduced by the missionaries.

  2. The philosophy and practice of Huna can be described by two interpretations of the sevenpointed star:


    • The Dot in the center = Po, the Inner World, the Unseen Universe.
    • The Ring = Kane, God in you.
    • The Top Rays = ‘Ike—You Create Your Own Reality
    • Kala—You Are Unlimited
    • Makia—You Get What You Focus On
    • Manawa—Your Moment Of Power Is Now
    • The Bottom Rays = Kū—Body Mind
    • Kanaloa—The Master of Life/Companion of God
    • Lono—Aware Mind
    • Circle = Ao, The Outer World


    • Dot = Telepathy
    • Ring = Kalakupua, the exercise of power
    • The Top Rays = ‘Ike—The Practice Of Awareness
    • Kala—The Practice Of Releasing
    • Makia—The Practice Of Concentration
    • Manawa—The Practice Of Energizing
    • The Bottom Rays = Aloha—The Practice Of Love
    • Mana—The Practice Of Power
    • Pono—The Practice Of Goodness

  3. Seeing is not the same as looking. “Look” deals with appearances (“that looks good, she has good looks…”, while seeing deals with knowing (“Ah, I see what you mean”) and experiencing (“I’ve seen a lot in my life”). Most people only look at the world, i.e., only look at appearances colored by their judgements. Few really see it for what it is, an ever changing experience that alters with your thoughts, emotions and framework of attention. A “seer” (see-er) is a knower, usually referred to as someone who can see the future, but is actually one who can see through a framework of patterns in movement.

    There are many ways to see. One way is to see patterns, i.e., the probable outcome of existing behavior and activity. This could also be called extrapolation. Another is by analysis, the ability to see the components of a whole (e.g., artists, composers), and seeing the antecedents of an existing whole. Another is holism, the ability to see the interrelatedness and total effect of components (math, archeology). One can see structures as well (matter and form), and fields (energy).

  4. Love is required to keep power compassionate. Power is required to keep love active. It is a yin-yang relationship. This can be used to resolve the dichotomy between passive acceptance and active achievement.

  5. Meditation and Hypnosis are both states of heightened concentration. When that concentration is directed away from the immediate environment it is called a trance. The difference between the two is really in their objective. Purposeful hypnosis is generally used to alter beliefs, attitudes and habits and may result in a significant ASC (Altered State of Consciousness). Purposeful meditation is generally used to achiever an ASC and may result in altered beliefs, attitudes and habits. Both may be used to increase awareness in a given direction, because this is an effect of concentration.

  6. There seems to be a definite electrical component to Psychokinesis (PK). By increasing the flow or sense of flowing in my hands and arms through visualization and inner feeling, the twirler (The Energy Wheel) spins easily., according to my degree of concentration on the flow. In electrical terms, the current is producing a magnetic field (probably a relative increase). Now the likelihood is that this is the secret behind personal magnetism as well, and healing, etc. Is there a difference between flow and down flow, inflow and outflow? That is, a subjective difference and objective? What effects do super-imposed thoughts have?
    Upflow (as in a tube of upwelling energy) seems to be euphoric, downflow seems to be calming. But more experiments need to be made.

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