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Everyday Magic
by Serge Kahili King

Magic refers to things that really work, but that don't have a recognized scientific explanation. What I call "Everyday Magic" consists of seemingly ordinary things that produce magical results, in terms of the normal way of thinking.

Where your physical body is concerned these suggestions are not intended to replace any other form of help that you feel is necessary.

I'm going to present these ideas in four categories: physical, telepathic and energetic, imaginative, and mimicry.

Physical Magic
1. Everyone has a tendency toward shallow breathing under stress, and everyone is under stress at some point. Problems occur when shallow breathing becomes a habit. Deeper breathing increases alertness, raises your general energy level, contributes to stress relief, and often helps to relieve pain.

2. Most people have heard about the importance of drinking more water for general health purposes. However, drinking a glass of water right after getting up in the morning can get rid of multiple aches and pains in less than a minute. Drinking more water also helps to prevent and remove wrinkles.

3. Maintaining awareness of your navel while walking, climbing, hiking, or lifting will help improve balance and coordination.

4. This one really seems magical. Lightly dragging your fingers back and forth across your skin in areas of pain or tension can often provide immediate relief. It will even work through clothing.

5. Placing five black tea or green tea bags in a clear one gallon container of water and leaving it in the sun for about an hour will greatly reduce the bitterness of the tea.

6. Leaving a liter of water in a green bottle in the sun for an hour and giving it to indoor plants will help them grow better and have greener leaves. Some people say it's good for the health of people and animals, too.

Telepathic/Energetic Magic
1. Talking silently to your body or body parts with appreciation, kindness and clear direction can often help relieve any kind of symptoms and speed up healing.

2. "Extending" your breathing can help you relax, have more energy, and speed up healing. This would be like inhaling with your attention a foot above your head, and exhaling with your attention a foot below your feet.

3. Holding a crystal in each hand while you walk, stand or sit can help you relax, relieve symptoms and speed up healing, especially when you also inhale with your attention on the crystals and exhale with your attention on your navel.

4. If you talk nicely to a jar lid or a screw-on bottle cap and ask it to open easily, it will almost always open easier, if not easily.

5. You can talk to any object. Give it a compliment, ask it to do something for you, and it will either do it or respond better than if you don't. This can work with anything from plants to computers to clouds.

Imaginative Magic
1. Imagining a symbol of a problem and changing the symbol until the change feels good can often help resolve the problem. If you can't think of a symbol, ask yourself what color it is, how much it weighs, and what shape it has. Then change those.

2. Imagining that you are traveling to a sacred place where a wise person answers all your questions about whatever problems you have can often open you up to valuable inspirations and insights.

3. Thoughtform imagination is when you imagine something existing in your outer environment. Imagining flowers, trees, or waterfalls in places that don't feel good or look good will often help the people and animals there feel better.

4. And here's one i use a lot: when I'm walking over slippery or steep terrain I imaging spikes growing out of my feet and sticking in the ground and my steps become more firm and secure.

Mimicry Magic
Even without thinking about it, everyone learns by mimicking what they see, hear or feel, and we can purposely use this to make what seems to be magic. It can be related to what is happening now or what we can remember.

1. Watching videos or movies or live action of people dancing or engaging in sports AND pretending that you are one of the people doing it as you watch can help your body to mimic the movements, health and skill of whomever you are watching.

2. Your body will mimic animals in the same way for the same purpose, like the grace of a gazelle, the strength of a bear, or the agility of a monkey. Some martial arts use this a lot.

3. Vividly remembering times when you were healthier, stronger or skilled will help to regenerate or reinforce those qualities in the present.

4. If you take a moment to recall something exciting and focus on your navel before lifting heavy objects you will find them much easier to lift.

I hope that you find these idea useful and that you come up with many more on your own.

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