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Resolutions: A New Way
by Sherri Miller

How are your new year's resolutions going? Are you making progress? Have you given up already? Or maybe you felt too overwhelmed to even start. We like the process of starting over with a clean slate in a new year. We analyze where we are, were we want to be, and make goals to improve our lives. It seems so noble. Goals are supposed to help us improve and reach what we want in life. So why do resolutions so often seem to fail?

This is the time of year many of us berate ourselves because we have no will power. Why can't we keep a simple resolution for more than a few weeks? Are we just weak? Are we just doomed to failure? No. The problem is the process. Face it, a year is a long time to be good, to not make any mistakes. And many things can change in a year. Do we have to give up goal setting? Should we forget resolutions altogether? Again, no. There is another way, a way that works particularly well.

Instead of making resolutions every new year, do it every day. What? Every day? Hear me through. Instead of making resolutions for the year on the first of the year, do it every day. One day is an easy period of time to be good, to be diligent. For one day you can eat healthy. For a single day you can survive without a smoke. For a just one day you can make sure you exercise or practice a new desirable habit. In addition, if circumstances change you can change your goals without guilt, remorse, or feeling like a failure because change in going to happen. Change is inevitable. I once had someone tell me he wrote his goals in the sand at high tide. His goals were written down, but if things changed, if the high tide washed away his words, he was free to write a new goal. So if your new year's resolutions are not working, try resolutions a new way.

I'll give you the basic process. Dedicate a note pad that you like, and a pen or pencil that makes you happy. If you prefer to do this electronically, try to make it special, like a special font in a special color, or with a stationery background. Do it differently than you do everyday things. Make it special. This process will only take a couple of minutes each day, but feel free to spend extra time when you can.

The first thing is to center and ground yourself. Use piko piko breathing or whatever method you normally use. The first thing you are going to write is a gratitude statement. "I am grateful for...[fill in the blank]." Some days you will gush with all the blessings that are piling up in your life and some days you will be thankful that you are just breathing. This is an important step because it sets your mind up to receive blessings rather than letting your mind dwell on what you don't have. If you have time to do nothing else, do this step. You need to focus on what you want, not on what you don't want. You want abundance and blessings. You don't want lack or failure. Focus on the good. "I am grateful for..."

Next, decide what you want to manifest in the next year. It can be anything. It can be mundane, serious, practical or fun. Remember the world is what you think it is, so create the world you want. You don't have to know how things will come into your life. In fact, if you plan out each and every step you might miss an easier path up the mountain, or you might miss a path to a better place altogether. You probably won't have time to do this in great detail every day, but picture yourself one year from today.

There are no limits, so imagine all the possibilities. What are you doing? What are you wearing? Where are you? Who are you with? What are the smells? What do you hear? The more senses you can engage the more successfully this process works. Feel what it's like to have the life you want. Love this life. Love your life. Feel it in your heart. Feel the happiness. Now write down a list of ten things you want in your life within the next year. This is what you want. This is your big picture. This is what you will be focusing on. "In the next year I will..."

Next you are going to write a list of six things that you are going to try to do today. It's not next year; it's today. So you need to focus on what you can do now. The power you have to change is right here, right now. A few things need to be said about your to do today list. You won't get everything done every day. Some days you may only get one thing done, some days maybe nothing. That's okay. Remember things change. Some days there are fires, some days there are floods, and some days you can get a lot more done than you think you can. So yes, you will have days that you are able to do 12 or 20 things. Other days, very little, even nothing will get done. It's all good. The important thing is you know what your priorities are for the day. Write down just six things to do today. "Today I will..."

The list of six things may or may not be directly related the list of ten things in your list for the next year. With the big picture in the back of your mind, you will move toward those goals whether you know it or not. And amazingly, those goals will be moving toward you. Trust the process. You have the power within yourself to get what you want. Believe that. It is true.

That is the process. That is what you do every day. Write a gratitude statement, a list of ten things you want in within the next year, and a list of six things you need to do today. When you are doing your list of ten things for the next year resist the urge to look back and copy what you wrote yesterday. You need to be able to change your plans if they need to change. To be effective you need to be able to shift priorities. Besides, your wishes will start to come true and you will need to come up with new wishes.

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