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by Paul Waters

For most people that I meet for the very first time, invariably the question arises: "What IS Huna?" Until now, I have usually gone into a lengthy discourse on Hawaiian healing, the Huna Kupua views of reality, and how one can effectively use the powers of the mind and the forces of Nature to effect change. By the time I am finished, they are usually asleep, or scratching their heads wondering, "Why did I ask!"

Now, after careful consideration of a terser means of expression, I have developed an acronym for its definition. If you are having the same trouble of defining Huna to others, this may be of use. H.U.N.A. is the acronym, and it means Healing Using Natural Abilities.

First and foremost, Huna Kupua is a Hawaiian (H)ealing system. All of its principles, corollaries, levels of reality and techniques are presented for this end. Over the centuries its roots in the psychological, spiritual and energy movement fields have been incorporated into modern scientific research, healing relationships and even enhancing performance in sports. What was once considered a shaman view of the universe has now expanded into simple and pragmatic methods for instant and rapid healing as well as personal mastery.

Huna uses (N)atural abilities. The Kupua system uses no drugs, surgery, or artificial means, although it can incorporate these alternatives if that is desired. Within its 7 principles are natural abilities innate in all humans. These are the powers of Awareness, Freedom, Focus, Presence, Love, Confidence, and Flexibility to change. They may be augmented or modified to fit any situation. As you increase any of these powers, a remarkable change occurs in your relationships with any person, place or thing. With the aid of other natural entities such as herbs and plants, more profound effects can be experienced. Still, the theory, proven in thousands of cases, is that the powers of your mind can influence future events and health. The Huna Kupua system, then, becomes a blueprint of a natural way to help yourself and others.

With the powers of the mind comes a variety of healing realms, or levels. Your natural (A)bilities can be expanded from kinesthetic and massage therapy to psychic intuition and distance healing, to symbolic and dream healing, to a holistic merging with spirit. In each of these realms is an infinite number of techniques and processes for positive change.

Remember then, in your attempts to tell others the definition of Huna, to let them know that it is Healing Using Natural Abilities. They will thank you for your short response, most likely share this acronym with others, and very importantly, stay awake!

Blessings for a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

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