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Insight Into Clutter
by Wayne Axelson

I had a transformative surprise at my house last week; it happened like this... My wife and I were working at cleaning up the yard. I started in on a front corner that needed work. After half-heartedly raking out a some of the wind blown leaves that had become lodged there, I thought, "What about the rest of this stuff? Where does it all go?" I become quickly dismayed at the array of buckets with mysterious contents and upturned flower pots with dead potting soil that had "temporarily" taken up residence in the area. I quickly choose to abandon that particular task and went in search of a different project. In passing, I mentioned the needy area to my wife and put it out of my mind.

About an hour later, I experienced my transformative surprise. I came barreling around this particular corner again - and came to a sudden and amazed stop. I had just felt a strong new feeling. It was a feeling of expansion and of comfort. It was as if the space was now saying, "Welcome to this house. May you enjoy yourself here..." The difference was so strikingly; I struggled to understand it.

I began to use some of my new introspection skills and went in search of what the "familiar" feeling had been all that time. I found it a bit challenging, because it was a feeling I had reflexively and habitually ignored. As I felt back into my memories, I came up with something like, "Oh yeah... I have always tried not to notice the condition of this corner.” I come around the corner and go “'ugh, something should be done here”, and then I go faster to get away.

I reached deeper inside to find a remnant of the actual feeling as it had been: constriction, discomfort, guilt; all surrounded with a cloud of impatience that screamed "There is no time to deal with this... Go away!"

Wow! I realized something had really shifted in myself. I am feeling an awareness of something I have been suppressing for months. wow...

It was my wife, of course, who had finally cleared all the old flower pots and scattered potting soil, as well as most of the leaves. I felt deeper into the new "welcoming" vibration of the corner and was suddenly motivated to do more. I began clearing out the remaining the leaves, I swept out long-standing piles of sand, I found a better place to store the buckets. Now the space felt even better. I noticed a growing feeling of "I belong here", which was replacing the former feeling of "I always have so much to do around here..." It felt good.

Later, I began remembering lessons from recent Huna studies. Of how your body, your high energy thought-form, responds instantly to every nuance of your thinking. Of how it is continuously being created into being by the Kū with the energy constantly streaming in from higher self. Of how this energy flow is patterned by memories held firmly in the Kū and often stressed and distorted by tensions from mental influences from Lono. And of how this Hawaiian word kino, in some contexts, referred not just to the body but also to one's immediate environment, especially one's personal space.

I felt the difference in my body from a change in my space. My ongoing amazement was not at the concept; I knew it was true from what others had told me. My amazement was at the fact that I had actually felt it myself! Wow! "This stuff is working..." "How much energy do I expend trying not to notice things?" This recent personal experience revealed that it must be a lot. Ah, I thought, I can use this insight to help myself grow...

Well... this insight is a number of days in the past now. I rather expected insight alone to work a great change in my ability to organize away the clutter in my life. And actually, I have been doing better with little things. I am washing the dishes I use right away now and setting them in the rack to dry, rather than let them collect in the sink until I had "enough" to work on. I am also cleaning up little messes I notice right away, rather than trying not to notice and walking away.

However, my larger areas of clutter still remain unchallenged. It is interesting to observe this about myself. In the past, my annoyance at my inefficiency would build over time and then at a breaking point a tsunami of frustrated organizing energy would be unleashed against the cluttered space. Great sweeping half- measures were carried out with great energy, only to be swamped in a backwash of clutter again in the days and weeks following the "cleansing."

Now, even with my partial Huna training, I know of a better process I can use to resolve this personal conundrum. I now know that my Kū, while doing its best to do the best, can get itself caught in tangles of conflicting beliefs, called belief complexes, that can neutralize its effectiveness in a particular area. It is clear to me that my current difficulties with clearing my clutter from my spaces is the result of conflicting beliefs I have towards "my stuff."

Fortunately, Huna has techniques that can help me untangle my own belief complexes. I have already used them successfully on other issues. Now, because of my insight into how good I feel when I successfully de-clutter even one small space, I have the key to scaling up the process. Loving understanding of Kū’s conflicts and the promise of feeling good in the long-term, once we untangle the conflicts.

My Kū, like yours, is drawn to pleasure. Now that Kū has felt the pleasure of working to create energetic flow in even a small space, I can build on that. I can sit in quiet reverie and feel into why the task currently feels so overwhelming. Rather than just commanding Kū to "power through" the situation, I intend to use my growing set of skills to lovingly feel into Kū’s belief predicament and thoughtfully introduce new understandings to enable Kū to change the belief complex into a belief system that works more effectively.

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