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Tecnology & Health
by Graeme Kapono Urlich

As our world has become more and more dependant on technology concern has grown in some circles as to the harm that the radiation from this technology is affecting human health.

Computers for example do emit all sorts of radiation. These radiations, in and of themselves, are not harmful to humans. In fact they can be used quite constructively for healing, as are crystals (the same applies to any electronic device). This is because the emissions are of a very similar nature to that of crystals and are simply much more intensely focused and much stronger. Computers also radiate a wider spectrum of frequencies than any one type of crystal. Indeed, they are chock full of crystals (silicon chips) that are in a highly energised state when switched on.

Why then, do some people experience discomfort or even illness after using or being around computers for any length of time? This is because an active computer is a high-energy source, and when people come into contact with a high-energy source, any stress patterns that they are holding will be amplified as the tendency will be for the energy to try to break down any blockages that the person has.

Many of the symptoms experienced by people are, curiously, the same as those attributed to the use of some illegal mind altering drugs which, among other things, relax the body allowing a heightened flow of energy through the body of the user. These people would experience the same symptoms if they sat in a room full of "healing" crystals, or any other powerful energy source, for a sufficient length of time.

It is useful to recognise that not everyone is affected to the same degree and some are not affected at all. In fact only a relatively small percentage of people are significantly affected. I have in the past been able to sit in front of computers working for hours on end (sometimes up to 16 hours) five or six days a week and have worked in huge computer complexes with extremely intense electromagnetic fields (strong enough to discolour metal) for over thirty years with virtually no problem at all.

Basically, people with little or no excess stress will not be noticeably affected. People who have a high stress level to start with will have sometimes severe problems as their stress patterns begin to resonate more strongly in the high-energy field of the computer.

What are we talking about when we refer to stress? Physical stress is the reaction to cuts, burns and compression. I have used the energy field of my computers very effectively to accelerate the healing of such injuries. Emotional stress is the reaction to the expectation of pain or the re-stimulation of anger or fear by dwelling on memories. Mental stress comes from deciding that something is wrong. Criticism is a symptom of such decisions and usually comes from unrealistic values and standards about what other peoples’ behaviour "should" be. Spiritual stress is the result of a sense of separation from a group, place or state of mind. Long periods spent in meditation or sleeping too much (spending too much time away from the body) will cause this type of stress.

The subconscious mind can only express stress through the physical body, so emotional, mental and spiritual stress all manifest as physical tension, which if held on to for too long, will eventually cause the body to break down or become diseased. A pre-programmed expectation of harmful effects from technology can be enough to produce sufficient stress for it to be amplified into a physical problem (over time) in an otherwise relaxed and balanced person. Often people are reacting to the simple imbalance of positive and negative ions in the air more than the actual EM radiation.

In Huna thinking, the symptoms are simply these people's chosen (usually unconsciously) or learned reactions to their physical/spiritual environment. Thousands of ordinary people around the world have discovered that they are able to change their reactions and walk on fire or broken glass without harm. We are all completely free to choose whatever reactions we like in any given situation. All experience is self-generated based on our current beliefs, thoughts, actions and expectations, change your beliefs and your world changes as well. For some it will take more effort than other but never-the-less it just takes practice.

Graeme Kapono Urlich (November 2013)

Aloha New Zealand - School of Huna and Hawaiian Shamanism

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