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The Latest "Ultimate" Secret
by Graeme Kapono Urlich

Over the past few months I have researched some programs that are sold via internet marketing using catch lines such as "The 5 Minute Miracle", "Groundbreaking Persuasion Secrets" and "Change Anything in Your Life in 10 Minutes Flat". One came through just today with a subject line of "Here's a different secret that can dramatically impact your life and abundance" advertising a "long lost" book from 1926. Most of these promise hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of "free" gifts if you purchase their wonder program or sign up to their marketing email list.

The quality and usefulness of the free gifts vary from great to pure advertising for the original program that they wanted you to purchase in the first place. For the most part I think that the dollar value attributed to many of these "free" gifts is highly exaggerated but with much trawling through countless automated emails there are some gems to be found.

Some of the programs go into detailed explanations of how things work from the perspective of Quantum Physics and that is all well and good if you are the kind of person who likes to have "evidence" in order to believe that a system can work and can fathom the depths of such explanations.

So, do any of these systems actually work? Systems don't work for you unless there is strong motivation for the change you are using it for and confidence at some level that it works for you.

No one system works for everyone all of the time so it is important to figure out which one works for you personally. You can adopt existing systems and apply yourself to developing belief and confidence in them. Having a lot of people around you with similar beliefs helps that. Look for something that is not overly complicated and is convenient to do anywhere, anytime.

Alternately you can pick bits of various systems and blend them into one that works for you. The results tell you when you are on track.

How to get what you really want - and everything and anything is possible because the universe is infinite - begins with defining what it is you want and then keeping your focus on it.

There is no magic or secret in the systems. If any system helps you to keep focused and aware until you develop the habit of being focused and aware then it is useful to you. If it doesn't do this then it isn't useful to you.

In putting a system into practice you will encounter old patterns of behaviour. You have what you have now because you have learned behaviour that creates these things in your life. If you want something different you have to change your behaviour/reactions towards life and these are merely the reflection of the thoughts that you persistently focus on consciously or otherwise. They are the rules that you have learned or chosen (mostly learned by rote I think) about how life "should" be. You don't have to work out what these are or how to change them at a conscious level, you just have to keep your attention on the goal and spirit will lead you in the right direction.

So once and for all the "Secret of Success" is that there is no secret to being successful. We are all successful at things every day even if for some this is being hugely successful at generating negative emotions and creating difficult situations. The only thing that we have to do is retrain ourselves to apply that skill to more constructive endeavours.

Some simple "how to's" would be to reduce or eliminate the habit of being critical and judgmental about things you don't like. The easiest way to do this is to replace it with the habit of acknowledging and complimenting things that you want or do like.

Increase your awareness of the thoughts that you think often and the things that you say and do habitually without thinking. Be aware of your posture and how you are feeling. If you are not feeling optimal then there is an element of negative thinking affecting you. Even these simple things will reduce stress, increase effectiveness and increase the flow of inspiration that will guide you in your creation of your reality.

One over-riding factor to remember with any system is that they only work if you do them consistently. Most of the systems I reviewed would work well if applied conscientiously with a clear view of the desired result in mind. The more fun you can incorporate in it the better. This is what attracts the subconscious mind and makes it easier to accomplish what you want.

Graeme Kapono Urlich (October 2009)

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